As of today we are the worldwide distributor of the Slide-Kick from InnoTwins Bas the owner of InnoTwins came to us to see if we were interested to do the distribution of the Slide-Kick for Holland. I told him we are a European wholesaler and distribut0r and would be very interested in handling European sales for him. After a couple of emails and some WhatsApp’s we thought it would be a good plan to cover global sales.

A couple of years ago Bas Mooij invented the Slide-Kick and it has been sold all over the world. He started the company with Patrick Bergman and the purpose of InnoTwins was to invent, develop and produce products that benefits our needs. Bas doesn’t have a lot of time for the development of  new products, but believes there is still a lot of potential for his unique product (the Slide-Kick). And that’s why was searching for a company that is willing to do the distribution.

It’s a really great product and I think everyone could benefit from:
  • If you work in the garden, just klick your power cord in it, that’s saver.
  • I think everybody knows someone or have themselves cut the power cord with the lawn mower or hedge trimmer.
  • If you work with Powertools you can click your power cord in the SlideKick but it was especially designed to also put your vacuum hose in it. Those things are always hanging where you don’t need them and now it slides safe and in place through the Slide-Kick.
  • Working with hand tools you always put them down somewhere  around you while your working and a moment later you can’t remember where your tool went. Or if you are on a ladder and you are shorthanded; just hang your sealant, saw, drill, tacker or anything that will fit on your SlideKick. And that is a lot!
  • Even if you are on a holiday it’s handy. Just hang your drink bottle or even a small bag on the hook.
  • If you can imagine it you probably know an application for it.

Within a view days the product is well in stock and comes in 2 versions:
1. With Dutch text on the packaging for the circa 50 Dutch and Belgian dealers.
2. An English version for everyone else in the world
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